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Drug Offenses Are Always Serious In Illinois

Last updated on November 8, 2023

Illinois courts do not go easy on individuals charged with drug offenses like possession or trafficking. You could lose your driver’s license, freedom, job and any possessions allegedly involved in the trafficking offense. Depending on the quantity of drugs seized by law enforcement officers, you could be facing a lengthy prison term, steep fines and probation.

Our Peru-based law firm is well-equipped to challenge the case constructed against you. We don’t rely on plea bargaining. We provide our clients with solid, prepared and aggressive defense to counter the aggressive tactics of prosecutors.

We Know What It Takes To Fight Trafficking Charges

Many drug trafficking charges result from illegal search and seizure. We will protect your Fourth Amendment rights, your freedom and your reputation in relation to any drug charge, including:

  • Marijuana trafficking
  • Cocaine trafficking
  • Crack cocaine trafficking
  • Methamphetamine trafficking
  • Heroin trafficking
  • Ecstasy trafficking
  • Opium trafficking
  • Prescription drug trafficking
  • Other narcotic and hallucinogenic drugs

Our lawyers defend people throughout LaSalle, Bureau and Grundy counties. Attorney George Leynaud is a member of the U.S. Circuit Courts in the Northern and Central Districts of Illinois, including the Trial Bar in both districts.

Our legal practice is diverse, and our firm has the resources necessary to provide you or your loved one with a staunch defense.

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