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Last updated on November 8, 2023

“What is the full compensation I am entitled to if I get hurt on the job?” Some variation of this question is usually the first question we hear from people. Workers’ compensation insurance and your employer may supply you with answers in their best interests, but who is looking out for your best interests?

It is important that you understand your legal rights to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, lost future earning potential, rehabilitation and disability before accepting any offer from an insurance provider or your employer. With immediate response, our LaSalle County workers’ compensation lawyers guide injured workers through the reporting and injury claim processes throughout LaSalle, Bureau, Putnam and Grundy counties.

Based in Peru, our law firm is responsive and attentive to the needs of workers and their families from Bloomington to Joliet. Call us today at 815-410-4227 or contact us online to schedule a FREE initial consultation. Work injury claims are handled on a contingency fee basis. As your legal representative, we don’t get paid until you get paid. Our fee is not subtracted from your compensation or benefits, but directly from the insurance provider.

At Leynaud Law Group, LLC, our attorneys have extensive experience working with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission to ensure your case is handled properly and in a timely fashion. It is a no-fault system, so you are entitled to benefits even if you were injured because of your own mistake, but only if you agree not to pursue civil action against your employer. In some cases, however, benefits may not cover the extent of your injuries, and civil action may be necessary.

Learn About The Benefits You Are Entitled To Receive

The workers’ compensation legal process is a no-fault system, which means that you are always entitled to receive benefits as long as you do not pursue legal action against your employer. Please be aware that there are certain instances where benefits will not fully cover the extent of your injuries and legal action against your employer must be taken.

Our Illinois legal practice has helped clients in the Illinois Valley for more than three decades. Whether we are dealing with an insurance provider in the state or outside the state, we are proactive and determined to provide our clients with expedient results.

We Help Protect Your Full Benefits

Workers’ compensation insurance functions much like any other insurance company. Adjusters may attempt to diminish or deny your claim. Representatives may tell you that you can only see a certain doctor, or they may try to prove that your injury was intentional or due to your own misconduct.

It is critical that you consult with us as soon as possible. Time is a limiting factor in workers’ compensation claims, and the sooner you speak with us, the sooner we can pursue the legal action you need for compensation.

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We offer FREE initial consultations in all personal injury cases and pursue cases on a contingency fee basis. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. Call us today at 815-410-4227 or contact us online for help from Joliet to Bloomington.